Friday Night Lights.

Football season is here. And what does that mean for a non-player, or a non-watcher of the sport? Well, I would like to think not a lot. But turns out you can’t live in Katy Texas and not be sucked into the vortex that is football. It’s all around me. Just recently I was at the grocery story and it felt like the apocalypse was about to happen…people were in a frenzy, pushing their way through the grocery store. Texans are usually so polite in the store, letting you go first, holding the door open, and such. Not last Sunday! I was at the register and the checker informed me it was halftime, and they all were trying to get back before the game was back on. Hmmmm

Yes, we have plenty of friends who are very into their college football (you know who you are!) and we would of course be invited over to watch games, eat yummy food and socialize. Only difference is, when we would attend, we would be those people who wouldn’t mind sitting with our backs to the TV, cause well, let’s be honest- we were just there for some great nacho cheese dip and time with friends. And since our friends absolutely cherish us, they loved us anyway!

But since we are new in town, and all our friends here are new, I think we might have to re-think this. I have a sneaking suspicion that many friends will go into hiding as we delve into football season, and the only way to keep these budding friendships going will be to attend some football parties. But, this is one of the reasons I have this funny feeling that we may just never quite fit in here. I mean, you kind of always feel that way when you live abroad. But that’s to be expected when you don’t live in your passport country. I wouldn’t have expected that here. After all, we are in the US of A. But let me tell you, Texas is very different than California! Especially our hometown of Oceanside-the little big town where you get that great combination of it having everything-hello the best beaches in the world, new and trendy places, and the best hole in the wall Mexican food on the planet- coupled with the many many bums that roam the streets, gang violence, and run down areas to keep it real.

So when I got the recent local magazine, Katy, it became clear to me that I am so not from Texas, and I so don’t understand Texas! I was into the show Friday Night Lights for a while, the sheer amazement at small town America being so into football and all that drama, sucked me in. And even though I heard there are towns that really are that into high school football, I didn’t believe it. Until I moved here.


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