A half marathon !!!!!!!

So I find myself running, a few times a week. However, as the weeks turn to months, I was needing some inspiration/motivation. I tried getting Brandon to run with me, but he would much prefer his workouts to be in the water. That, and he quickly realized I was using him- cause when we would run together I would make him push the double jogger and that is enough to make anyone not want to run.

Wouldn’t you know it, but a week later two girls who I’ve come to know at our church had just signed up to run a half marathon-for a great organization we actually knew of and loved in Haiti-and were encouraging/asking if anyone else wanted to join them. I half listened, but was mostly thinking, “13 miles?” That’s funny. That’s actually hilarious.

And then I thought, maybe I should pray about it. It seemed ridiculous to pray about running a race. But here’s why-I didn’t want to do it for the wrong reasons. I had to check my heart. Now hear me on this one. I didn’t want to do it just so I could possibly become better friends with the girls running it. (of course I’m hoping that’s a possible side benefit) If you’ve ever moved and been lonely after that move, you know exactly what I mean.  And even though I would love to raise money for a great cause, I didn’t want to do it soley for that reason either. Because, let’s be honest, it would be a heck of a lot easier to ask people to donate without having to run for it!!

The truth is, I want to do it for me. I want to do it because I have been convicted of having a serious lack of discipline, in a few areas of my life, and want a change.  I desperately need a change. The Lord has been faithful as I have been getting back into the regular discipline of meeting with Him, and my soul is once again finding rest and satisfaction in Him alone. And I feel like my physical body needs that as well.

So, I signed up. I’ve been casually training for this for about a month, just testing the waters and seeing how I feel. I also think I have been putting off signing up for the race, because then I have to actually run it! I mean geeze, once the word is out, there is no going back. (eeeeeeeeekk!!)

If you would like more information about the big race, and about the amazing organization we are running for, you can go to a fundraising website we set up. Please feel free to donate,throw out some encouragement, or pray for the health and safety of the girls running- My goal is to run the whole thing-who cares about how long it takes!


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