A little bit of running

Running. It’s been a mostly hate hate relationship my whole life. Well, that’s not entirely true. I did run regularly a lifetime ago when we lived by the beach, and even did a 10K with some girlfriends. I also ran for a few months in Nicaragua when I had a next door neighbor who loved to run so she somehow tricked me into three days a week. (the kicker being I have had bad knee problems, and never really could run more than a mile without them hurting-and oh my goodness-I’m almost embarrassed to admit that after researching tons about it while training for that 10K, I realized it was due to be stretching before I ran, while my muscles were cold and tight. Can you believe that?! Years of pain and it simply stopped!)

For some odd reason, I started running a little bit a few months after Hudson was born. I think it began in my need to leave the house for a few moments and get some fresh air. And then I realized, having two kids under two is, well, stressful. And I quickly realized how much of a stress relief it is to run. I know you runners are thinking, “ummm hello, we’ve told you this before!” And it’s true. Who doesn’t have stress in their life?! And for some reason, much to my surprise, I am enjoying running. Like really enjoying it. So I started running about three days a week, pretty regularly since we moved here. But as it got hotter and hotter, I was slowly starting to lose motivation. I would brave the heat, after the kids went to bed, and it was still 95 and like 120% humidity. It would take me over two hours to cool down-from a two mile run! And I just loathe running on a treadmill. So I lost a bit of my momentum.

However, I have been back at it again. For about two months nows. And I want to tell you why …!! Stay tuned for the next post !!!!!

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