A lovely visit.

Grandma&Grandpa came for a visit. It was delightful. We of course took them to Eliana’s gymnastics, and she loved that Grandpa sat with her in the circle,stretching and trying new moves with her!


Brandon and I went to Living Water’s yearly Gala, and they watched the kids for us. It was fun to dress up (wow, i have’t worn heels in a long time!) and we enjoyed getting an update on what is going on with LWI. It was a good reminder that even though it was time for us to move on, they are still a good organization that are committed to bringing people clean water in Jesus’ name, and that is great thing.


We were so excited to take them to our small town parade, the annual Rice Harvest Parade. It’s in honor of all the rice that used to be grown right here in Katy, but sadly there are really only two large companies left and the rest is basically suburbs. It was pretty legit, with some great floats, and man it felt like the entire town came to watch! Our church decorated a float, and it was low key but cute with hay stacks and such. But at the very last second, as we were pulling into the street someone noticed the trailer tires were flat. Like flat flat. So we all jumped off, made a quick decision that we had to unhook the trailer and so we yanked all the signs and streamers off and attached them to the truck! We got it all worked out, even though we didn’t look as cute, and only 1/3 of the people could fit inside, so a bunch of us just walked alongside it with the kids. I was amazed at how many people lined the streets for block and blocks!





We somehow also crammed in the Zoo, a few fun meals at new restaurants, and they even watched the kids so we could get away for a night. We went to Austin, and let me tell you, that is a great city. It kind of felt like San Diego-kind of eclectic, lots of unique places to see and visit, good national parks and hiking, and very scenic. It was delightful!!


thumb_IMG_5926_1024Ummm hello to you cutest baby giraffe ever

IMG_5934The weather was perfect-finally

thumb_IMG_5959_1024A lovely hike just outside of Austin

thumb_IMG_5951_1024 A night on the town in Austin !!!

3 thoughts on “A lovely visit.

  1. You guys got to do lots of fun stuff. I love the small town parade…so cute! And you guys do look so great all fancy!! So nice you got a night away too!

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