“The Twelve days of… Africa”

Okay, it’s not Christmas I get that. And, it’s more like fourteen days… that my husband is going to be gone. I’m not sure why I want to write about it, I don’t really per say, but I think having something to distract me from the fact that he’ll be gone so long will be good.

Day One. I decided I’m very much going to take this one. day. at. a. time. So, highlight from yesterday? It wasn’t a full day, we got to have lunch with him, and that was pretty great. And, to make it even easier, friends down the street had us over for dinner. So I got to spend the most hectic part of the day (the last two hours trying to feed them, bathe them, clean up, get them ready for bed and actually get them into bed!) at someone else’s house. I didn’t have to make dinner. I didn’t have to do bath time (we threw all our kids in her bath together, it was perfect!) and then we just walked back home and I put them to bed. So, thank you, my dear friends, for helping me kick off this thang with a great start!

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