Day Two.

We made it. It was a pretty great day.

I just finished making a few things on Shutterfly-unlcuding prints, magnets and a calendar (I do realize it’s February!). But you know what? I’ve come to finally figure out and embrace? I don’t remember things very well. And even though I have a calendar in my phone, and everyone says it’s so great and convenient, after years of going along with it, I am done. I want my paper calendar back. I want to look at that thing, every day, whenever I want to. I want to see that so-and-so’s birthday is coming up and actually prepare for it more than just the day before (which is when my phone calendar can remind me IF I have remembered to put it in there in the first place). I would like to think it’s a combination of A. getting older and B. having more friends, and more nieces and nephews (arriving at alarming rates!) and friends with kids. It’s a grip o birthdays! And being the gal who loves birthdays, it k.i.l.l.s me when I forget one. And I have, a few too many. (you know who are, and I truly am so sorry). So, I made this super duper cute calendar to put all birthdays and big life events on,and of course the every day stuff too, so I can help myself be a little more rememberful. Ya know, not forgetful.

Anyway, high point of the day? A birthday party for a little friend. Letting the kids run wild, jump on a little jumpy thing, eat a few donut holes (gasp). I would have given them more but it’s me who suffers the consequences of extra wild, don’t know how to control their limbs, hyped up on sugar, children.

Low point? The birthday party. Eliana is in a bit of a rough stage in life, as she is learning about different emotions and what to do with them. For example, poor thing, if she gets hurt, she gets mad and freaks out. To be honest, it’s hard to comfort her when she is screaming, or better yet, I’ve even seen her bite herself. (this is where, you, reader, feel free to offer some advice in this area…instead of just the ‘ohhhh that’s hard’!!) Please. Pretty please.



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