Day Three.

Happy Valentines Day !!

Turns out all a girl has to do to get a huge over priced bouquet of flowers on Valentines is be without her Valentine! And so this morning a man come knocking on my door with the most stunning bouquet of pink roses ever. I was speechless. As was Eliana. So much so that the guy delivering them commented on the look on her face, “man, she is mesmorized” as if it was the first time she was seeing a flower, ever. Brandon Stone, well played.

Another highlight was Eliana opening a fun package left by daddy and the favorite gift of course being a Valentines Unicorn. Who, then became the new favorite stuffed animal. Yes, this is a fluid and rotating list that changes all the time-and those of you who have only one very special ____ think that sounds great, only the trouble is it rotates as such an alarming rate at times that I can’t keep up and bedtime quickly becomes a crisis when she can’t find her most recent favorite and I just can’t keep track of 25 stuffed animals and their specific location around our home.) All this to say, she was asking me for “corn” and I was like, what? You want corn? Now? We just had lunch, I don’t understand we’re taking a nap. But she gave me a little context, ya know corn that daddy got me for Balentin Day. Gotcha. No problem.

Church was pretty great, we just started a serious on marriage. And we’re reading a marriage book along with it, in our small group. I am tiny bit bummed though, because Brandon and I are reading through Francis Chan’s marriage book, “marriage in light of eternity” (I would hiiiiiiighly recommend it) so I’m not so sure about the crazy notion of reading two marriage books at one time, and don’t want to have to choose. Not sure how this is going to play out…

Another evening without the hubby, but it was a success. Same friends that had us over for dinner on Friday (I’m starting to think they must feel sorry for us?!) invited us over to their parents house, and I of course wanted to say no. I mean, geeze, it’s Valentines Day and all. But she was persuasive, and I do kind of feel like a tool when I say no just because I’m in my head and doubt if they really meant it. So, I went. It was nice, even though our presence meant not a lot of adult conversation was happening! They did have some seriously fun toys though, and Eliana loved playing with her buddy Shepherd. They’ve been holding hands a lot these days, and it kinda melts my heart.



4 thoughts on “Day Three.

  1. I like this! Kinda like a diary that everyone gets to read…thanks! I’ll be praying for you over these days without B in particular. Sounds like you have some pretty great friends 🙂 you gotta get a pic of E holding hands…so sweet!!

  2. Jessica, we are thrilled to read your posts and we feel like we can be a close part of your life even when we are so far away. Your love and devotion to God and your husband and your two precious ones melts my heart. Love and prayers.

  3. Hey William is going to be jealous. His first love is holding hands with another. Ah well… long distance is hard. Haha. (Hi Jess! am enjoying catching up with you via your blog right now! So glad you shared it on FB!)

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