Day Four.

Whoa. What a day. It began at 11pm Valentines Night, and Eliana and I were both up from 11pm till 4am !!!!!!


(Warning, those with a bad gag reflex, feel free to just not read this, since the words throw up and others are mingled below!) At 11pm,she threw up everywhere, so once I got it cleaned up I let her come in my bed. I felt so sorry for her, and she loved snuggling in next to me. But, she was so awake from the whole thing, and her tummy hurting, that she was just laying next to me, playing, whispering, etc. Every time I dozed off I was startled awake to ‘mama!!’ cause she had to throw up again, or a kick in the stomach as she was playing. It was rough on both of us. At 4 I had to put her back in her room, and she went right to sleep thank goodness.

All day Monday she was okay, complaining her tummy hurt but not bad. It was at dinner that it shifted from her tummy to her, ehem, other side. She announced rather suddenly she accidentally went pee pee in her pants, and I knew. I just knew. It wasn’t pee. Poor baby. It happened a two more times, and when I put her to bed I expected another long night, but much to my relief she only threw up one more time and she was fine. She woke up this morning all chipper and full of life again! Food poisoning? 24 hr flu? I guess we’ll know if Hudson or I get sick in the next few days…!!!!

So we didn’t leave the house yesterday, which makes for a long day sometimes with two little lovelies. But we did manage to play outside, get some fresh air, and I even got some weeding done (oh my goodness I haven’t done that in like 6 months it’s embarrassing!)

I also managed to clean up my bike. That’s right, the o’l beach cruiser has been resurrected! I have been scrubbing her down with some amazing stuff that has made her all nice and shinny again (even taking some of the rust off!!) I found a bike attachment that I cannot wait to get on there and start using before it heats up and is too hot to bike around!!

(This is Eliana and Shepherd holding hands!

(Middle is sick Eliana but secretly happy with all the snuggling she got in mama’s bed!)

(Left: doesn’t look like much, but you could hardly see the dirt before yesterday!!)


One thought on “Day Four.

  1. oh my she is such a cutie!! Poor baby girl with all that goin on!! Glad she is chipper now, its amazing how they can be so sick and then wake up the next day and be ready to roll?

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