A Conference.



I signed up for this conference called She Speaks. It’s a Christian conference for women who want to get into writing or public speaking. It’s got workshops, venues to share and work through ideas, and a time to come together with other women who also share the same passion as you might.

A friend sent me the information, knowing I had set some goals for the year, and one of them was to write more. In her mind this was perfect! I checked it out, and was a bit skeptical if I’m being honest. Seemed pretty cool, but possibly slightly cheesy. (I’m not a huge ‘i love corporate worship’ kind of gal). But I thought, heck, if I could go and therefore have a deadline to get some writing stuff done, and be encouraged in my writing as well, that would be great.

In addition, women signing up for the writing track could possibly get an appointment with a publisher. (!!!!!) Say what?! So I prayed about it for a month straight. Non-stop.  Like not just saying I did, I really did. After that intimate time with Him, I was confident I was supposed to go. So I signed up. But, womp womp, all the appointments to meet with publishers were full. I was derailed. After all, I considered that to be a huge reason to go. The pay the very high cost of the conference, hotel and flight!! Yet, another dear friend reminded me that it might not be all about that. That the conference by itself could be pretty amazing,  and not just the workshops but even just for networking. Networking is always so important she reminded me. So, I waited.

She Speaks said I would be put on a waiting list, and if women cancelled, etc, I could potentially get a publishing appointment. I of course wanted to know how hopeful/not hopeful to be so I asked what number I was on the waiting list.


Wow. So I wasn’t too hopeful. But I still kept writing. Every Wednesday I dropped the kids off at Brandon’s work, where they started a daycare, and that gave me the entire day to write. It was a magical time for many reasons!

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