I’m writing a book.


I kept writing. So, what exactly am I writing about you may wonder? Especially since I haven’t been writing on this blog?!  Well, I haven’t really been ready to say it out loud, I’m not entirely sure why. The reality of it scares me, excites me, and kind of freaks me out. I guess too, once I say it, there is no going back.

I’m writing a book.

Phew. Feels kind of good to say. The truth of the matter is that I’ve been wanting to write this particular book, on this particular topic, for quite some time now. God has so clearly laid it on my heart, and I’ve been shying away from doing it. I’ve been afraid. It’s been too near and dear to my heart to even write (often ending up crying my eyes out each time I sat down!) So, I’ve gone through seasons when I would write an outline here, a few skeletons of chapters there, but not much. This has gone on for years.

But that all changed in January. You see, I’ve met some pretty amazing women here in Katy Texas. And two of them invited me into a safe place to set some goals for the year. I kind of rolled my eyes (inwardly of course) when they first asked. I was thinking, “oh, you mean another way of saying New Years Resolutions?”.  No thanks. Been there, done that, time and time again. And I never ever have made it through the year actually keeping my resolutions and heck, even remembering them.

This was different. They explained how these would be goals. And they had found a great template that broke the goals into four categories. Personal Work, Spiritual and Relational. I mean wow, even just the categories told me this was going to be different. In addition to that, these two girls would meet with each other in person or via Google Chat, once a month to talk about their goals. To update each other. To keep each other accountable and on track. Oh, heck yes, I wanted IN.

So we did it. Back in January we each spent time setting our own goals, praying over them, and then sharing them with each other. We then even went as far to send them to each other, so we could randomly check in too. Then, once a month (except for the last two) we’ve met via Google Chat -even though we live minutes from each other-this was such an easy way to do it. And I’ve loved it. I’ve been so encouraged by what they put as goals, and therefore it got me thinking and scrutinizing things I wanted to see done for the year. Not things to merely check off a list, but things to be aware of. In all areas of my life.

Anyway, one of my goals was to start writing. Seriously. On this book. I kept the parameters open, leaving myself grace but also trying to be specific so I’d have tangible things to measure against.

These were my goals:

  1. Write 30 minutes a day. Blog or book
  2. A chapter a month?! Finish this book in a year?!?!

You can see how well #1 went. I started off somewhat strong, but then stopped writing on the blog completely once I started to focus on this book. But I did write. Not 30 minutes per day, but about the same amount of time for the week, even more! Every Wednesday for about 5 hours…since January!!  And the last two months, about 10 hours a week!!

And, and, and, guess what? It’s only July, but I’ve got a large portion of this book written! More of those details to come…Are you dying to know what it’s about ?!?!?!?!


4 thoughts on “I’m writing a book.

  1. Oh Jessica! What a fitting task for you. I’ve always thought you were an excellent writer. Glad to see you’re using God given talents….difficult with young Children! Congratulations on baby #3.

  2. 10 hours a week??!! That’s dedication!! I can’t wait to read it! I’m expecting a signed copy by the way 😉

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