My friend Heather Meadows asked me to write a guest post for her site. She let me pick the topic, and I already knew what I wanted to talk about. Something that has been on my my mind and heart these past few months.  To continue reading the post, follow a link to her site, where I hope you take a few minutes to meet the lovely Heather. The Lord so clearly orchestrated our meeting, almost a year ago at the She Speak Conference. We met as we sat alone at our own tables waiting for our food, and five hours later we were still together with 3 other amazing ladies-laughing, crying, praying over each other, and sharing our stories! (And hers is a pretty incredible one, let me just say)
Here is the post:
Friendship. It’s one of those special, almost magical things in life. When you have real, honest, genuine friends, it feels as though you can go through just about anything in life and still come out sane, and maybe even with a smile on your face. And without those people, you feel like a plant that hasn’t been watered in a really, really long time. Perhaps even one that has lived at my house, deprived of water, oxygen, and love, and then thrust outside thinking a little sunshine will revive it, only to char it to death.
Currently, I am a plant living somewhere other than my own house. I am thriving. I am flourishing. I feel loved, supported, encouraged on a regular basis. I am surrounded by a community of women that I cherish. I am part of a mom’s group that meets every Monday and leaves me feeling refreshed in my heart and soul and ready to face the week. I live 10 houses away, from a soul mate of a friend. I am part of an accountability group/goal setting group of women who love Jesus so deeply and fiercely that every time I’m with them I desire to grow in my relationship with Jesus. And other dear friends, who also live close by, who regularly make time for play dates with me and my kids, girl time, family dinners, and drop anything to help and support me.
And I am moving. Far, far away.  To keep reading go to Heather’s Blog.

One thought on “Friendship

  1. Hi Jessica,

    This is Carol McGinty. My husband, Tracy and our group stayed with you when we can to Nicaragua to work with LWI. We were curious about your new water well venture and if you have a website set up where we can read more details. We have taken 3 more groups to do water well trips since the one we did with you and so far, the time we spent with you two was the most enjoyable and best run trip. Blessings on your new venture. So happy to see your sweet babies so healthy and happy. Remember we all prayed with you before you left, that you might conceive?

    In His Love, Carol and Tracy McGinty

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