It’s moving day.

We officially moved to Nicaragua. June 1st we managed to get ourselves, our three small children and 12 fully loaded, exactly at 50lbs, brimming with clothes/ toys/ my favorite 1st world things, to the airport. The best part was since we had a rental, Brandon dropped me at the curb with a giant monstrosity of luggage so the United guys couldn’t help but feel sorry for me. (If I only had a free hand to get a picture of our 12 bags and giant surfboard bag teetering on top being wheeled behind me) I’m proud to say i got us successfully to the counter and checked in The looks I got ranged from sheer amazement to total pity. But don’t worry, Brandon joined us shortly, and we spent the rest of the day tag teaming. I’m pretty sure I got the sweet end of the deal, since I was in charge of Audra.  (the worst part being that I was told, NO, I could not stand up and rock my baby because there was turbulence, but would I like a glass of wine to ease my stress? As politely as I could I mumbled NO. Of course I wanted wine, but how on earth would I hold a glass of wine with a screaming baby?)

The kids did amazing. They always seem to do better than I think they will. (since I do suffer from having unrealistic expectations, I did try to keep them as low as possible) I love that they are at ages where a cup of water with a straw and a bag of pretzels keeps them occupied. We cleared customs without one single issue. We managed to get all our stuff packed on and in a van that came to pick us up, and we made it to our rental house by 11pm.

Day One. Success.


It’s the little things in life right? Well, wanna know what got me through the day? A last minute surprise- I got to wear my friend Callie’s AMAZING diaper bag!!! She designed it, and had a model made in NY, and now she’s exploring the possibility of it being made in Nicaragua!!  And It doesn’t just look stunning, it’s actually  blow your mind functional. I had everything I needed for the entire day, for three kids (including, wait for it, 3 changes of clothes) in ONE bag that fit perfectly on my back.

3 thoughts on “It’s moving day.

  1. JESSICA! Oh my gosh- you are so beautiful and amazing, and I am not the least bit surprised that you got 3 kids and 12 bags through the airport and checked in! And OH MY GOSH- you moved back to Nicaragua?!? I know you are so incredibly busy so I truly don’t even expect a response- but I’m dying to know the details!! I loved our visit 2 summers ago and I have honestly wanted to go back and see you again! I miss you in my life! You have a beautiful family and I admire all you do and I love reading your blogs- I can always hear your voice. I will be praying for your guys!! Are you raising support?? Let me know! 😉 Love and miss you friend!! ~Shannon

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    1. Shannon!!

      I’d love to catch up details! Email me at

      And you’re so sweet, we aren’t raising support, we moved here starting a water well drilling company (Brandon and his boss) and we’re going to drill for profit and then use the profits to drill in poor communities!

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