This hashtag began 13 days ago. Thirteen days ago, this country felt very different than it does right now. I’m not entirely sure how to write about the events that have gripped Nicaragua. It feels strange to share my opinion about it, since after all, I am not Nicaraguan.  While this is very much my home, is not my home country, I am a guest here. What I see, know, feel, hear and experience here is from the sidelines and not spoken in my native tongue. There is so much I see that I don’t understand, and probably never will. Instead of trying to write about a very complex situation, with layers that I hardly even understand myself, I am going to refer you to a well written article about it in The Economist.

Click here to check it out. The title sums it up well, “Riots threaten Nicaragua’s autocratic President”.

I find myself with so many mixed emotions. I am heartbroken for what I have seen and heard. But I am also proud in a way I have never been before. My daughter is Nicaraguan. She was born here. This is her country, and these events will forever be a part of her story and the history of her country, as it will be for her fellow countrymen. I am praying for this country that has become our home, for the country we love, the people we respect and treasure. I am praying a peaceful solution/outcome is possible.



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