Man made Fall.

I love Fall. I love everything about it.

I love the crisp clean air.

I love the amazing burnt colors that the leaves turn into-orange, yellow and red.

I love that fall kicks off a time of baking-I love to bake!

I love wearing scarves and drinking a warm beverage in the afternoon.


And seeing as how there is no fall season here, it is something I am missing terribly! But, I have still found ways to celebrate fall, even if they are completely made up and don’t really reflect the season of cool weather, scarves, and bundling up with hot cocoa. Just the other day we were out for a walk, and I found a few leaves on the ground that were a beautiful yellow/brown. The kids around me couldn’t understand why I ran over to it, picked it up and proceeded to take a photo with this dead looking leaf. And just a few days later, an amazing package came from my sister for Brandon and I. And wouldn’t you know it, it was filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies-and all things fall too! She packed in cute little gourds, the funky multi colored corn, fake fall flowers, and a delicious fall candle. It was too much!  Not to mention all the other goodies that she (and even some of her friends!) put together to love on us and spoil us. Thank you sister!

Look at those fun fall colors!!
I was so excited! I may still be 85 degrees outside, but inside our house it feels and smells like FALL.
Isn't it so pretty??


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