It’s been a prayer request since before we left. That the Lord would help us find friends here in Nicaragua-both Nicaraguan and fellow foreigners too. I’ve already told you that the LWI staff here has been so sweet to us, so welcoming and so gracious in helping us out and showing us around.

And just last week we started Spanish school. Something I am  dreading and whining about like a cranky teenager. Of course I want to learn Spanish, and sooner than later, but four hours a day is torture. Anyway, at this school we are going to, there is a teacher that just had a baby a few months ago, and she loves that I’m pregnant. So she came to school one day with a gift for me, a little beenie/hat and matching booties. !!! She said that her sister makes them and sells them, and she wanted to give me these as a gift. They were so precious, so I of course told her I would buy a few more.  It was so sweet, so unexpected, and hello, a stranger loving on my baby girl already? The sweetest.

Then two nights ago when we went over to the guesthouse to have dinner with the team, Claudia had a little something for me. She is one of the ladies that works for LWI, at the guesthouse. She is Manette, here in Leon. I know you haven’t forgotten Manette-a dear friend and the cook for our teams. So, I immediately took to Claudia-not only was she so sweet to me-but I know how hard she works. Before we had Manette’s help, I did it all myself, and it’s a tough job. Claudia is adorable, and always rubs my belly when I see her. Which, I guess this freaks some women out, but not me. I mean, if you are some creepy dude I don’t know, yes, back the heck up. But when you are doing it cause you just can’t help but wanna touch a big ol’ belly of a pregnant woman, then fine by me. She always asks how she is, and this day, she had a gift for her too. Four of the cutest head bands. I don’t know how she knew I would love them! Maybe it’s because her 12 yr old daughter wears headbands all the time, and I tell her how cute she looks every time. I don’t know. But it was so sweet, and I just love them. I was so touched by her thoughtfulness, to me, someone she hardly knows!  It’s hard to be away from family and friends sometimes, especially during this fun time of being pregnant. So, I’m so thankful for these sweet ladies, who are loving on me in so many different ways.

This is Aleyda. It’s her sister who made those precious baby things
Me and Claudia with all four adorable headbands
Aren’t they great?
I asked her to make purple for me-aren’t they just perfect??
Now Brandon does love the gifts for his little girl, of course. But what gets him skipping is this store-one of many around here. What a treat and change for him, to be able to find pieces and parts that he needs without having to a. ship them from the states and wait weeks or b. drive across the border! I’d say we upgraded hardware stores and grocery stores here !!







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