The second week with my mom…

The first week of Grammy’s visit went by so fast, as did the second! At least by the second, I was feeling a little more up for venturing outside of these four walls, and we were able to take her out and show her a little of Leon. We went out to eat a few times, grocery shopping, made it to church (only to have to stand outside with her because the music was so loud!), and even ventured out downtown so she could see the main square and some really old churches.

There was one day, that stands out more than the others. It was one of the first days we went out, out. Without Brandon out. Just me and mom. We went to the grocery store. Sounds easy enough right? We left home and got to the store pretty quickly, and made good time at the grocery store getting everything we needed.We headed to the check out, and waited in the long lines. We get to the front and loaded up the groceries, and I started digging through my bag for my wallet. No wallet. I clearly remembered grabbing money and putting it in my wallet, so that seemed impossible. I sent my mom out to the truck to check there, but she couldn’t get the alarm to unlock! I went out, found no wallet and came back frazzled. I let a few more people go ahead of us, racking my brain trying to think of a way I could get take these groceries home with me now… Would they let me pay later? Could I send my mom back for my wallet? Haha! I was delusional, and couldn’t swallow the fact that we had gotten over this big hurdle to get out and now it was all for nothing. Oh man. So, we slipped out of there, and I was so sad to come back home empty handed! After getting home, and feeding Eliana, I didn’t have enough energy left to go back. So we had to do it all over again the next day!! The funniest part? On the way out the door, my mom asked me about three times if I had the keys for the gate. I was annoyed by the third time, acting all sassy like ‘hello, I’ve got it mom!” and wouldn’t ya know it, I didn’t! At least I didn’t lock us out of the house!

At the grocery store-before we realized my wallet wasn’t there!
This was the next day-smiles all around!!
This was the first day she found her finger all by herself!! 
More fun bath time!! I couldn’t resist this little bath towel-it’s a shark! 🙂


I also took mom through one of the open markets. She loved seeing all the fresh fruits and veggies everywhere.
This was another market area-with lots of clothes, shoes and other fun things. It’s so open and pretty-with plants and flowers growing in the middle open courtyards.


Eliana charming Grammy…!


It was fun to have another girl around to enjoy dressing her up in girly outfits and using all the fun bows we have! Brandon thought we were pretty silly, of course, but that didn’t deter us!
Bows bows bows!!


These faces she makes are too fun!


We went out to a yummy restaurant-mom loved the food.

This is one of the oldest churches in Nicaragua…it dates back to 1747!

Another funny story? I knew I wanted to use a sling/wrap with Eliana, for many reasons. But I kind of forgot the main one. It’s pretty much impossible to use a stroller anywhere. I thought the stroller would be great, since it was such a hot day and we could walk around a lot with her in that. But, I quickly forgot how bad the road and “sidewalks” are, and it was a joke watching me trying to push this thing around! I think I ended up more hot and sweaty trying to maneuver my way through holes, people, dogs, cars and the craziness! I think I’ll be sticking to that oh so handy sling-and saving the stroller for neighborhood strolls!

Downtown enjoy the shops and sights.


Grammy soaking it up!


Our last day together we took her to this yummy coffee shop. I know right? It’s this great little place we love, and they have amazing coffee drinks!
We had such a great time together!!

Of course it was so hard to say goodbye. There is nothing more wonderful my having your mom come and visit-to love and spoil our sweet Eliana-but we also enjoyed having the help! She cooked for us almost every day, cleaned for us, helped me with laundry, dishes, everything. What a treat it was, we are so thankful she was able to come!

4 thoughts on “The second week with my mom…

  1. What a precious time together. I’m so glad your Mom got to come & see Eliana & spend time with you. It sounds like you were able to do quite a bit.
    Sorry about the wallet deal. That’s what happens when our hormones get messed up. LOL She is sure a pretty little one and I know you are making wonderful parents. Guess what? I heard you get to do all of this again when Marva & Dennis come for their visit. May God Bless You on this Easter Morning. He is Risen!

  2. How wonderful to have your mom there. She looks great. I’m sure her heart was bursting with love for your adorable Eliana. I’m sure she held her every minute she could. The kids use to call me the baby vulture because I couldn’t keep my hands off the baby even is someone else was holding him. You all looks soooo happy. God’s blessings. Love Uncle Lem and Aunt Paula

  3. I think Eliana needs more bows,dont you? I can just hear you two trying to decide what color! I agree there is nothing like having your Mama around when you first have a baby……….oh the flood of memories I had when I was reading your post.
    Love you to the stars and beyond!
    Happy Easter!
    Aunty Kathy

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