Mom Stone here for a visit…!

Brandon’s mom came to visit for two whole weeks! And after a week, his dad came to join in the fun. But it was pretty special to have his mom all to myself. The nice part was we planned it perfectly because Brandon had a super busy week with work, and we knew he would be gone all day every day. The thought of taking care of a little baby all on my own for a whole week seemed like a bit much, so she offered to come a week early to help me and keep me company. It was perfect. Brandon was gone most days from 7am-7pm, and so me and Marva hung out and had a blast together!

Some days we didn’t do much, simply hung out at the house and played with Eliana. She was just beginning to smile on her own, and that was enough fun for the both of us! I was finally feeling adventurous and ready to leave the house and so we got out a few times just the three of us. We ventured out to this oh so cute local coffee shop a few times, went to the grocery store, to the beach, out to dinner, and of course the outdoor market The sad part was we woke up super early one day to get the freshest fruits and veggies, mom was all excited to see the local market. Well, I took her to a different one than I normally go to, since it was one we could drive the car to. Well, we show up at 6:30,and it wasn’t open! I couldn’t believe it! All the stores downtown don’t open till 8 or 8:30-yes even the coffee shops!-but the other outdoor market opens early so I just assumed this one would too. Thankfully, there were two booths open, so we got a few things. But what a bummer!

Grandma enjoying every minute with her! And she too loved dressing her up and using fun bows!
This may not look like much to the untrained eye-but it is one of the first few times she started smiling on her own-no gas!!


The three of hanging out at our house
Mom and I laughed SO hard at this-the heart shaped sun glasses she brought her-she looked so funny in them, and make this hilarious face like, ‘what the heck is going on’?? 
We took Mom to the beach-about 20 min drive from us. They have this casual little place to eat there, the food is okay, but we mainly just use them for the shade. It’s pretty toasty, even at the beach!


We had a great beach day -she seemed to loved it! (yes that is a surf board bib my aunt Karen made!!)
How cute is she??


Mom feeding her in the car-we were on the go and it was just too hot to feed her outside! We were walking around downtown and were dripping sweat-so we opted for feeding time in the a/c in the car!
I took mom to our favorite coffee place (yes, there are a few to choose from!!) and we had frozen treats to try and stay cool in the heat!
Cheers-she loved it there!
Happy Easter!It was so wonderful to have family here for Easter!!  We had a potluck after church at a friends house-Peggy & Gordon. It was nice to introduce mom to our new friends here. Pictured left to right is Summer, Maria, Mom, me, Bethany & Scott

More photos to come from the week after, when Brandon’s dad came to join in on the fun!!




2 thoughts on “Mom Stone here for a visit…!

  1. I know you all had so much fun together. I’m so glad you all got to enjoy each other for two whole weeks. I know Marva enjoyed bonding with her newest grandbaby! I love reading your blog – so keep it up!

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